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HOME : Miscellaneous : Miscellaneous : Brown Innovations 32" Single Localizer Sound Dome

Brown Innovations 32" Single Localizer Sound Dome (MR12538)

Price: $599

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Brown Innovations
Brown Innovations 32" Single Localizer Sound Dome

Make the most out of your multimedia
Multimedia displays have become a driving force in today`s marketplace. When adding audio, the last thing you want is to bounce the sound all over. Not only will the sound disturb others, it will drive employees to the brink of insanity. In these cases you need a directional speaker!

It`s time to get your audio under control
Enter the Localizer sound dome, directional speaker. With its 5 to 1 isolation ratio, it concentrates stereo sound so that the sound level is five times greater underneath the sound dome than it is just a step away. It`s the best in the industry!

More precise than speakers
The Brown Innovations sound dome creates an unparalleled listening experience. It`s like headphones without headphones. Deliver music, or sales messages with laser-like precision. The sound dome is so directional it sends sound only where you want unlike regular speakers that send sound everywhere.

More sanitary than headphones
The hemispheric sound dome design ensures your audio won`t disturb employees or customers who aren`t standing under the sound dome. And unlike shared headphones, there are never any hygiene issues to discourage customers from enjoying the audio presentation.

It`s all about audio isolation
Even in the noisiest environments you can use a sound dome directional speaker to deliver crystal clear audio to your target audience.

Complete technical specifications

Tested good, signal audible through left and right channels.

Speaker only, mounts with single threaded rod, no amplifier or other accessories. Speaker wires terminate to stripped, bare wire ends.

32" diameter, 19 1/2" High
Very Good Vintage
Age Appropriate Wear
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