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HOME : Miscellaneous : Miscellaneous : Leeds & Northrup Type K Potentiometer

Leeds & Northrup Type K Potentiometer (MR6649)

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Leeds & Northrup Co. Type K Potentiometer
Philadelphia 130117
The slide-wire potentiometer was invented by Johann Christian Poggendorff (1796-1877) in 1841. In addition to his work with electricity, he was the editor of the Annalen de Physik und Chemie from 1824 to 1876, and his biographical volumes of scientists have become standards and are still being published.
The potentiometer is a Leeds and Northrup Type K model, which was a standard piece of apparatus in most college and university electrical measurements laboratories for the first half of the 20th century. By the time1950s the model designation was the Type K-3, but the basic design remained the same. This particular instrument was used at Denison University.
At the heart of the potentiometer is a long slide wire. In the Type K potentiometer this was in the form of a ten-turn coil, a design due to Kohlrausch The potentiometer was used with an external standard cell and an external galvanometer. Using a potentiometer to make voltage measurements was somewhat slow, but you could read to 0.00001 Volt.
9.75" Width x 16.75" Depth x 9.25" Height
Very Good Vintage
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