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13`x 9` Bakhtiari Kheshis Iran Handmade Persian Rug

13`x 9` Bakhtiari Kheshis Iran Handmade Persian Rug

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13`x 9` Bakhtiari Kheshis Iran Handmade Persian Rug

13` x 9` Bakhtiari Iran Red Black Handmade Persian Rug Red, black background with blue, yellow and green details Type: Rug Design: Bakhtiari kheshis Material: Wool Origin: Iran Retail price: $16,995.00 BAKHTIARI rugs are named for the BAKHTIARI tribe, one of the most ancient and well-known Persian tribes, found in the area southwest of Isfahan. This formerly nomadic tribe, of which Sorayawas perhaps the most famous daughter, has since become settled. After they established a settlement in the the Zagros region of the Chahar-Mahal area, their production of carpets increased at the start of the 19th century. This region is known for having very luxurious wool that produces excellent carpets. The center of the BAKHTIARI weaving area is now southeast of Isfahan in Shahr-Kurd, and rugs of lesser quality are known by their place of manufacture, such as Bibibaff, Saman, and Luri. There are nearly 200 villages in this area today, which produce some of the most charming carpets available on the market.


13.04″ Length x 9.07″ Width


Very Good Condition

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