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Kevin OToole Wood and Metal Sculpture 260-05

Kevin OToole Wood and Metal Sculpture 260-05

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Kevin OToole Wood and Metal Sculpture 260-05

Azko, Inc.
Chesapeake Area Health Center
College Misericordia
Connaught Corporation
Heinz Endowments
Maslow Collection

260 – 05

Wood and Metal Sculpture

Signed by the artist


62″ Width x 41″ Height x 4″ Depth


Very Good Condition

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Kevin O`Toole
b.1952, American

For over twenty years, O’Toole has concentrated his sculptural pursuit on variations of several basic geometric solids. Working primarily in wood, he has created a body of work admirable for its intelligence, consistency, and economy of line. O’Toole’s sculptures, while modest in size, take on a monumental quality due to their visual mass and closed forms. He arrives at these forms not by the traditional subtractive carving but by a constructive process of laminating.

The final form must be visualized in advance and achieved in increments by laminating “slices” of the form. O’Toole will then sometimes sever a form into several units and by placement will allow the viewer to pass through a narrow channel. This interior/exterior dichotomy is emphasized by O’Toole with various materials, including ena.el, gesso, and metals. The careful application of one or more of these materials highlights the soft, organic curves echoed in his work from the natural environment.

— Herbert Simon, Sculptor

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