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Craft Associates

12ft Adrian Pearsall Craft Associates Sectional Sofa (MR10255)

12ft Adrian Pearsall Craft Associates Sectional Sofa (MR10255)

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12ft Adrian Pearsall Craft Associates Sectional Sofa
This is a vintage sectional sofa set. It consists of 2 separate pieces that can be re-arranged in a variety of configurations. There are 2 seating sections. They can be placed end on end to make a large 12ft long sofa, or used separately.
Base: Sculptured carved solid walnut
Upholstery: Burnt orange fabric

Two seating sections together 145″ Length x 31″ Depth x 28″ Height
Seat height 14.5″


Excellent Condition

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Craft Associates, Inc

1212 Scott Street
Wilkes Barre, PA

Adrian M. Pearsall
Adrian M. Pearsall founded Craft Associates, which became the second largest employer in Northeastern Pennsylvania. After he and his brother sold Craft to the Lane Company, Mr. Pearsall became a partner at Comfort Designs, from which he retired in 1991. Mr. Pearsall is known for his innovative designs, including the popular beanbag chair. He recently authorized the use of his name for Craft Classics, Inspired by Adrian Pearsall, which debuted in 2006.

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