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The General Fireproofing Company

(2) Vintage Good Form Swivel Aluminum Chairs (MR10004)

(2) Vintage Good Form Swivel Aluminum Chairs (MR10004)

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(2) Vintage Good Form Swivel Aluminum Chairs
(2) Vintage Good Form Adjustable Aluminum Chair Aluminum chair, 4-Star base, original blue vinyl upholstery PRICE IS FOR THE SET OTHER SETS AVAILABLE

17″ Width x 20″ Depth x 30″ Height Seat height 19″


Very good vintage. Age appropriate wear. One chair has a tear on vinyl seat. Reupholstery offered with COM for additional cost

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The General Fireproofing Company

The General Fireproofing Company (GF) The General Fireproofing Company (GF) Founded in 1902 in Youngstown, Ohio as a manufacturer of building materials. During the panic of 1907, when all building practically ceased, the company decided to emphasize their line steel office furniture. GF’s first 4-drawer steel vertical file was built in 1910, and their first fireproof safe was introduced in 1912. In 1923 GF decided to produce a standardized steel desk which could be made on an assembly. This led to the introduction of the 1600 Series in 1925, which was produced well into the 1970’s. Starting in the 1950’s, these were the largest selling commerical office desks in the world. The world’s first all-aluminum office chair was designed by the ALCOA company in 1924. In 1929 GF began manufacturing their own aluminum chairs, the first of which were shipped in 1930. These first chairs were copies of the wood office chairs popular at the time, and were even painted with woodgrain finishes. The “Goodform” seating line began in August 1932 with the introduction of the Model #2123. Ten more models were introduced in 1935. The original Comfort Master executive office chair came out in 1937 and was redeisgned in 1939. Also in 1939, the institutional twin Models #4303 and #4304 were announced. During World War II, GF ceased production of all its regular products in order to manufacture aircraft parts. After VJ Day, almost the entire plant had to be converted back to the manufacture of furniture, and by 1946 the company was producing the same volume they were in 1938. In 1948, GF introduced the Mode-Maker line of executive office desks, designed in collaboration with Raymond Loewy. Many of GF’s furniture lines were discontinued in the 1970’s, and the original company went bankrupt in 1989 and was bought by TANG Industries of Gallatin, Tennessee.

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