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Drexel Furniture

5 1/2 ` Drexel Precedent Series by Wormley Dining Table

5 1/2 ` Drexel Precedent Series by Wormley Dining Table

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5 1/2 ` Drexel Precedent Series by Wormley Dining Table
Features: Drop Leaf Supports (1) 12″ leaf Extends to a 5.5ft Table Multifunctional Teak wood construction The ultimate in flexibility-a table for every occasion

>Width: 32″ leaves down, 54″ with leaves up, 66″ with leaves up and extension in >Depth is 38″ >Height is 30″ (1) Extension is 12″


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Edward Wormley Wormley has pioneered in a broad field of design, he was one of those unique designers who was sensitive to the interplay involved in selling modernism and still preserving the nostalgic touch of intimacy, warmth and detail. Wormley attended the Art Institute of Chicago in 1926. After attending there he worked for Marshall Field`s Design Studio in 1930, and then a year later he began working for Dunbar. His collaboration with Dunbar made him a household name for decades. His first Dunbar chairs, produced in 1932, were reproductions of antique designs, but when they became popular Wormley augmented the set with new pieces to form a full line of furniture for almost every room in the house. He was given a contract under which he would produce two lines of furniture each year, one traditional and one modern. By 1944, however, the popularity of the modern line had eclipsed its counterpart and the traditional series was dropped. He opened his own office in New York a year later where he remained a consultant for Dunbar and contracted out his own designs. Wormley`s designs became a special mark of distinction and one can see the great care put into preserving the old with the new.

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