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Vintage Prague Chair by Josef Hoffman for Stendig

Vintage Prague Chair by Josef Hoffman for Stendig

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Vintage Prague Chair by Josef Hoffman for Stendig

A vintage Prague chair designed by Hoffman. Designed by Josef Hoffman in 1925, this chair was put back in production and exported in the 1960s by Stendig. This chair features an circular ebonized bentwood frame with a hand-woven cane seat and backrest. Extremely practical and well-designed, an iconic work by a progenitor of Modernism.


19.25” Width x 21” Depth x 31.25” Height 18.5” Seat Height, 27.5” Arm Height


Very Good Condition

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Josef Hoffman Josef Hoffmann –December 15, 1870 – May 7, 1956–was an Austrian architect and designer of consumer goods. Hoffmann was born in Brtnice, Moravia (now part of the Czech Republic). He studied at the Higher State Crafts School in Brno (Brünn) beginning in 1887 and then worked with the local military planning authority in Würzburg. Some of Hoffmann”s domestic designs can still be found in production today, such as the Rundes Modell cutlery set that is manufactured by Alessi. Originally produced in silver the range is now produced in high quality stainless steel. Another example of Hoffmann’s strict geometrical lines and the quadratic theme is the iconic Kubus Armchair. Designed in 1910, it was presented at the International Exhibition held in Buenos Aires on the centennial of Argentinean Independence known as May Revolution. Hoffmann”s constant use of squares and cubes earned him the nickname Quadratl-Hoffmann (“Square Hoffmann”).

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