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Vintage Warren McArthur Folding Chair

Vintage Warren McArthur Folding Chair

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Vintage Warren McArthur Folding Chair

Warren McArthur Folding Chair ~Features~ Anodized brushed aluminum frame with bronze finish Original beige cupholstery on back, arms and seat Caped feet and labels in both sides


25″ Width x25″ Depth x31″ Height Seat Height 18″


Good Condition

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Mayfair, NY


Warren McArthur Warren McArthur(1885-1961), whose furniture helped define the glamour of 1930s Art Deco curves, grew up in an environment steeped in support for the advancements of the new age of technology and design. Raised in Chicago, his father was one of the first locals to own a car, and, in 1892, hired Frank Lloyd Wright to design their house. When McArthur moved to Arizona to form what would be a series of business ventures introducing modern aesthetics and philosophies to the Phoenix area, his father funded almost every project. With this support, both financial and inspirational, McArthur was able to create a sizable catalogue of furniture and a number of technological innovations in aluminum furniture production.

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