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Sikes Vintage Bank of England Side Chair Solid Wood

Sikes Vintage Bank of England Side Chair Solid Wood

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Sikes Vintage Bank of England Side Chair Solid Wood

Oak - 24″ Width x 23″ Depth 31″ Height Seat Height 18″

Oak Light finish - 25″w x 24″d x 31″h.


Very Good Condition

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Sikes Bank of England Chairs  Solid Wood This Ad is for 1 Chair ———————————————————————————————————————— These Chairs have an elegant armrest with curving rails and flat spindles fitting the contour of the back. An early printed reference to the chair occurs in an 1890 New York Times article describing the furnishings of a Pullman parlor car. By the turn of the century, Bank of England seats and arms were mounted on swivel bases with casters and were some of the most fashionable desk chairs. The Bank of England chair was associated not only with financial institutions but with courts and other formal places; Yale Law School ordered many at the turn of the century. At Princeton the chairs were used for faculty seating, and remained evident well after World War II. A few turn up today in lecture halls and public rooms, but by the early 20th century, lecture halls in new buildings had built-in oak seats with writing arms. The Bank of England chair remains one of the best seats for preceptors and seminars tough but comfortably contoured.

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